8 rooms of creative design

Riding a new bedroom or remodeling the old one is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It is not as apparent or visible as redecorating other pieces but you will get better benefits and above all it will make you feel better. That's why we want to show you these 8 creative design rooms They are the work of renowned designers so you can take a little inspiration.


This original bedroom with ceramic and exposed cement floors is supported by large windows that offer a privileged view of the city.


Lamps, furniture and decorative metal accessories give great importance to clean lines. A good job of Sergey Procopchuk .



Elegance and sobriety are the words that best define this bedroom, the work of Image Box Studios . Soft colors on a neutral background create a friendly and relaxing space. Something more than a simple bedroom, also a space to rest and relax in solitude.


In this room Yovo Bozhinovski has created a dreamlike atmosphere with that wall decorated in concrete and long curtains that isolate from the outside. A gray bubble so nothing disturbs sleep.



This bedroom with industrial air but with touches of elegance and sophistication is the work of Anna Fedyukina . The brick wall, the metal shelving and the wooden ceiling are the protagonists of the industrial style that is softened by the leather armchair and the red lamp.



Some people need light and clarity in their bedrooms y George Nijland meet that goal with this clean white room. A minimalist atmosphere but extremely pleasant.



Walls with moldings and retro air lamps give this design of Alina Vagapova a clear vintage flavor. That is compensated in a balanced way with the choice of furniture, armchair, bedside tables and bed.



An avant-garde and innovative design that presents the design studio Who Cares ?! based basically on that bed they call Ice Bed and which is made of Corian a material of the Du Pont company that is used both in bathrooms and kitchens and a lot of professional and domestic spaces. The other great asset is the side cabinet that has LED lighting in various colors.



Anton Biytsev It has been inspired by the classic youth rooms in navy blue tones but with a totally new air. A simple space but with enough vanguard touches to be elegant and pleasant to use.

Photos: home-designing.com

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