8 multifunctional furniture for small apartments

When space is a problem we must resort to ingenuity so that our small apartment has all the comforts. We will show you below eight very practical and ingenious solutions to solve the problem of small apartments. The lack of space can only be met with furniture that fulfills several functions, thus occupying the same space we can fulfill several functions.

Multifunctional furniture 1

This column, barely one meter wide, has two functions, because of the face of the kitchen we have space for the microwave, the oven and a closet. On the other side is part of the dining room table. It is an idea of ​​the architects Fabiana Rocha and Lucía Ralston.

Multifunctional furniture 2

With this case Study DT avoids having to build a wall to cover the pantry. The glass doors cover the two parts of the pantry, the shelf area and the hanging area.

Multifunctional furniture 3

The end of the countertop covers the washing area in this kitchen. The last part of the countertop is mobile and is the lid of the sink located next to the washing machine.

Multifunctional furniture 4

This modern bunk allows to furnish a small child. The desk is under the highest bed. At the same time the lower bed can also be used as a sofa. All an example of multifunctionalism to decorate a small room for children or youth with a single piece of furniture. It is an idea of ​​the architect Paula Neder.

Multifunctional furniture 5

In this New York apartment of only 50 square meters and only one room, this solution was used to make the sleeping area more intimate. At the same time, the structure was used as a storage area.

Multifunctional furniture 6

This muble for the living room is designed to make the most of its space as a storage area. Each and every one of its recesses are designed to store things.

Multifunctional furniture 7

This beautiful staircase-library as well as a clear example of multifunctional solution is of great beauty. It perfectly fulfills its two functions and also decorates with its beautiful design. This brilliant design is the work of the architect Rosa May Sampaio.

Multifunctional furniture 8

A simple shelf helps us to separate environments and at the same time is a storage area. It is not necessary to be very voluminous, this in particular is only 20 cm deep, does not bother the traffic of the staff and manages to separate the rooms from the living room and the bedroom.

Photos: casa.abril.com.br

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