8 ideas to put order in the kitchen

Maybe among his New Year's resolutions was to finally order his kitchen. Among my own and I have set to work, I have sought inspiration in the network and I have found some interesting ideas. Meanwhile I have taken advantage of two wooden shelves that I have recovered years ago and I have finally cut, varnished and fixed them on the wall of my kitchen. Below I detail some ideas that may be useful, as I hope they are for me.

Ideas to order the kitchen 1

Transparent packaging

Dispose of all plastic, paper or similar containers in which the food products are packaged. Use transparent containers. You will have all your food safe and in sight. After the summer we had to make use of this idea, in our case by an invasion of insects.

Ideas for ordering the kitchen 2

Organizer for cutlery

Do not throw your cutlery and kitchen utensils to the drawer in any way, it ends up forming a tremendous mess and you never find what you need. Use organizers for cutlery, they are easily installed in the drawer and you can find what you need at first glance.

Ideas for ordering kitchen 3

Under the sink

The furniture under the sink usually becomes a chaotic place where things are piled up in any way, plus always with the hassle of the sink siphon. This space by its characteristics always ends up receiving the worst part, garbage or cleaning products. There are fantastic systems to have the garbage separated in containers according to their origin and organizational elements to have the cleaning products well classified.

Ideas for ordering the kitchen 4

Take advantage of the wall

If you have one wall or more with free space in the kitchen, take advantage of it. Hanging pots and pans can be practical when there is not enough storage space in the kitchen furniture. You will also be decorating your kitchen with an industrial air.

Ideas for ordering the kitchen 5

Shelves for tapas

The lids of pots and pans are also one of those elements that never fit too well anywhere. If we do not have space in the kitchen we can hang on the wall some of those interesting supports to store tapas. They can also be fixed inside the cabinets and behind the doors, so they will not be visible.

Ideas to order kitchen 6

The necessary and the unnecessary

It may seem obvious, save what we need and get rid of what we do not use. But since everything obvious is not always true, we accumulate utensils, small appliances and other cooking utensils that we never use. If we get rid of all that we will be gaining space for what we really use.

Ideas for ordering kitchen 7

Order in storage

Another obvious that we do not usually comply to the letter. The products and items that we use most frequently must be closer than those we use less frequently. In the same way they will be closer to the place of use, oil, salt, spices should be near the cooking area. Knives, cutting boards, blenders and other preparation tools should be near the area where we normally perform these tasks. To not have to be walking upstairs kitchen, cook down.

Ideas for ordering the kitchen 8

Cookbooks under control

It is not necessary to have a library in the kitchen. With the essentials we have enough, and those are rather few, the rest can come and go. A good rule is that when a new book arrives, another leaves for the kitchen of a relative or friend.

Photos: thekitchn.com

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