8 ideas of romantic headboards

A good way to create a romantic style in the bedroom is adding this style to the headboard of the bed. We will see some proposals to define this trend by creating different compositions.

Headboards 1

Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, the glamor of the headboard is definitive. The classic inspiration in white tones is reinforced by the addition of two beautiful gray cushions and the mirror finish on the set.

In shades of green and mauve, this bedroom has been added classic headboards and a floral decoration in very subtle. The contribution of the lamp combining both main colors adds a lot of pulse to the final style.

Headboards 2

This room in soft cream and blue tones has a square headboard with a black table that makes it look like a frame. The softness of the light and the details next to the headboard (those lamps with mosaic decorations) help to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Headboards 3

The opulence is styled in the following image. It is a very ornamented headboard that joins the rest of the room's details where there is no lack of silks, ruffles, period furniture and pink and gold shades.

Headboards 4

More simple, in brown tones, the idea of ​​this headboard is to fit into the space and define a very elegant style.

Headboards 5

Modern and spacious, the following set stands out for the smoothness of its details and the harmony of its forms.

Headboards 6

This other bedroom plays to create a period space, where romanticism is appreciated in all its vaporous textures.

Headboards 7

Finally, a stage dominated by a large headboard that frames the bedroom as if it were the suite of a hotel. The blue and white tones neutralize the darkness of the base earth colors adding clarity.

Headboards 8

Photos: hgtv.com

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