8 fantastic minicomponents for small homes

Have a small house is not synonymous with depriving yourself of special places like a dinning room . Taking advantage of the space, it is possible to create a small place for dinners and meetings within another room such as the kitchen, the terrace or the living room. All we need is a nice table and some chairs to accompany it. But also ideas as interesting as those we propose.

Small eaters 1

Our first dining room takes advantage of a bench built next to the wall to add a dining room to the kitchen area. The space is complemented by family paintings, as well as a rustic chair and lamp. In red, and very welcoming, the following proposal is presented, with an ethnic-chic touch:

Small dining rooms 2

More ideas for rustic dining rooms, such as combining wood with white plastic seats:

Small dining rooms 3

Taking advantage of the space created between a bookstore and a passage area, we found this small table with an unbeatable modern touch:

Small dining rooms 4

And if the house is one of those privileged places with large windows, do not hesitate to place the table next to these windows. The result is a space always illuminated and with exterior views:

Small eaters 5

Small dining rooms 6

The shabby chic continues to generate great and extremely welcoming spaces, such as this breakfast table, snacks or whatever you want, surrounded by matching chairs and complete with wicker accessories and a carpet of the same material:

Small dining rooms 7

The green color next to wood is an inexhaustible source of ideas. And if not, take a look at this latest proposal for a semi-rustic space:

Small dining rooms 8

Photos: interiordesignbox.com; homedesignlover.com

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