8 colorful diy projects for your bedroom

We could also describe them as spring projects because of their attractive, fresh and spring colors. These ideas that we present below are like a window open to the good weather after the harsh winter. A little color makes anyone happy and that never hurts. Let's enter the spring in our bedroom.

DIY ideas for room 1

This bedroom is really appealing and charming with that explosion of color that animates it in such a fun way. The bright and cheerful colors make the light much more attractive.

DIY ideas for room 2

A headboard made with recovered wood is a very current trend. But of course if we add a little color we will make its integration in the bedroom decoration more pleasant.

DIY ideas for room 3

The white textile can be dyed in gradient to create an adorable ombré effect. It is not a difficult technique and we can carry it out in a very short time.

DIY ideas for room 4

It is not necessary to be an experienced embroiderer or embroiderer to personalize our pillowcases with an easy embroidery.


Pillow cases can also be customized with a little fabric dye. This simple design is achieved by folding the cover and bathing the edge in the dye bath. Easy, simple and elegant.

DIY ideas for room 6

Another way to decorate the textiles is to use vegetables as stamps, in this case an onion was cut in half, bathed in white paint for fabrics and stamped on the coral colored fabric of the cushion cover.

DIY ideas for room 7

The lampshades can also be improved with a simple embroidery like the one we saw earlier for pillowcases. The result is spectacular and our lamp will be rejuvenated.

DIY ideas for room 8

This little table was painted with a roller with decorative motifs. As you can imagine it is very easy and a unique way to get prints on smooth surfaces like this one.

DIY ideas for room 9

A geometric pattern like the one that looks like this dresser is not hard to do. A good roll of painter's tape and different shades of paint and we have it ready in a very short time.

Photos: bhg.com

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