8 charming bedrooms

When a bedroom "It has charm" is because various factors come into play to create an inspired space in which we can feel at ease. The lighting, the colors used, the decorative objects are some of the elements that participate in the design of an interior with harmony, but not the only ones.

Rooms with charm 1

These eight chosen rooms are proposals full of charm in which we can find a good source of inspiration to design our own rooms.

Rooms with charm 2

Rooms with charm 3

The clarity of the chosen color palette or that there is more or less furniture is something that we will leave for the personal taste of each one. The important thing is to be clear about what you want to create, whether a more or less functional bedroom where the furniture is rather practical, or look for the decorative in each of the elements used. For example, if we want the mirrors to be practical or have a different utility, such as expanding the space or illuminating a certain corner. The same for other utensils such as lamps, paintings, flowers, seats, dressers, etc.

Rooms with charm 4

Rooms with charm 5

Playing with different textures can be another way to find balance and create pleasant spaces. Using different fabrics for curtains, bedding, carpets, accessories such as cushions and cushions, is a way to get a bedroom with style and distinction, full of harmony and that inspire us comfort.

Rooms with charm 6

Charming rooms 7

The style chosen to decorate is not decisive, what counts is that there is a coherence in it, that is, that the elements that participate in the design contribute something from both the aesthetic and spatial point of view.

Rooms with charm 8

Photos: My Notting Hill

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