7 ways to decorate with indoor plants

Plants add color, form and life to a room. Indoor plants are an important element for interior design and should be used to enhance the beauty of a space. A little green looks good in any room and in any decorative style. Let's see these 7 ways to decorate with indoor plants.

7 ways to decorate with indoor plants

Do you think you do not have space to put plants in a room? Well you're wrong, look up and you'll see how vertical you sure have a place. You just have to install some hooks and you can decorate any room with hanging plants like potos, ribbons, tradescantia or the Columnea monalisa for example. You can also use shelves and so you will always have free floor. The hanging plants should be watered in the bathtub or the kitchen sink, let them drain well and put them back in place. That way you will not stain the floor or damage the furniture.

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The window sill is a good place to decorate with plants. The succulents will go very well for this location since they will have a lot of light and a good circulation of air which is what they need. In the kitchen you can also take advantage of this space to grow your own aromatic herb garden. Succulents such as aloe, euphorbia, sedum and the like will grow perfectly next to the window. As for aromatic herbs anyone, parsley, coriander, chives, basil, oregano and many more.

7 ways to decorate with indoor plants 2

Do you have enough space and want to grow an indoor tree? We recommend Natal's mahogany, Trichilia dregeana , much less known than the typical ficus. He likes bright spaces with indirect light and regular watering. You have to water it once a week. It is a beautiful vertical complement suitable for any space that meets the requirements you need.

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Complementing the plants with original accessories will increase their decorative potential. These fantastic stands for pots and pots themselves make this original pair of plants are transformed into real living sculptures.

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The pots of materials and rustic finishes create a nice contrast with succulents. That contrast between hard and soft, fine and rugged is charming. Clay or concrete pots combine very well with a minimalist decorative style.

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The stairs are a very important space and in many occasions we completely forget about them. The plants here will contribute to give life to a space often ignored. We can place large plants on the landing or small ones on the wall. We must take into account the natural light that reaches the stairs to choose certain plants.

7 ways to decorate with indoor plants 6

A bookshelf completely dedicated to plants is a fantastic idea to decorate a living room for example. The classic idea of ​​the shelf made from a scissor scale is a very interesting option to gather a good number of indoor plants. We can also choose the best location for your installation based on both the vital needs of the plants and the aesthetic sense to enhance the stay.

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