7 trends in kitchen design

... that seems to have come to stay. Now that the end of the year is a good time to review some ideas that seem to proliferate in the designs of kitchens made by a large number of experts. Some of these trends, if not all, have been with us for a few years now and this allows us to say without hesitation that, if not all, at least a majority will stay for a long, long time.

7 trends in kitchen design

The concept of open cabinets has recently given way to its practical demise. At least with regard to the traditional hanging cabinets. In many cases they are replaced by shelves that occupy more or less space or as in this example a small shelf is installed that runs along the entire wall. In small kitchens it can be difficult to give up so much storage space but hanging the kitchen utensils on the wall and with a few shelves you can have the kitchen just as neat.

7 trends in kitchen design 1

Another trend that is related to the previous one is the installation of the extractor hood in a higher position. When there are cabinets hanging on the wall, they try to fit the bell between them so that there is a harmonious whole, although it ends up being installed too low. Of course it is much more comfortable like that, you do not end up crashing into it at the slightest chance.

7 trends in kitchen design 2

Although it has been a few years now, the use of stainless steel in the kitchen must be emphasized. This trend that began in the kitchens of restaurants for purely pragmatic reasons has ended up falling into the kitchens of all those who want to give an industrial look to theirs.

7 trends in kitchen design 3

After a few years of completely white kitchens it seems that black has entered the kitchens to make a hole. The black cabinets are a great contrast in a kitchen in which white predominates. You have to choose the finishes and materials well so that the minimum footprint does not stand out scandalously.

7 trends in kitchen design 4

The bar for hanging cooking utensils has been with us for a few years too but it seems that he wants to stay. Obviously if we do not install cupboards on the walls we will have to store the tools and pans somewhere. Hanging them from a bar is a very efficient solution.

7 trends in kitchen design 5

The combination of different materials also seems to be a new trend. It is not essential that all furniture in a kitchen is "exhibition" all the same. Combining metal with stone or wood can be a great way to personalize our kitchen. Here we have this table with wooden envelope that does not seem to fit completely with the furniture completely in steel of the rest of the kitchen. But it gives it a particular character and the aspect of lived kitchen, of normal and ordinary space.

7 trends in kitchen design 6

After the years of the dictatorship of white it seems that even in Nordic style kitchens, color is entering. They are usually pastel shades but you can include a couple of them, navy blue, sage green or light blue above all, in the color palette of a kitchen of this style or another similar without any problem.

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