7 steps for your bedroom to have good feng shui

According to the laws of feng shui a bedroom must meet certain conditions for unimpeded energy to run through it. A bedroom with good feng shui invites us to be in it, it relaxes us and at the same time it excites us. I think there is a lot when you have to relax and when you have to get excited, because that, after all we all know what a bedroom is for. To achieve a good feng shui in the bedroom and thus get the activities developed in it to be productive and efficient, we must follow the following seven steps that this ancient oriental wisdom dictates.

Feng shui in the bedroom 2

1.- Remove the TV, the computer and the gym equipment.

The good energy of feng shui in your bedroom is destroyed when these elements are present in the bedroom. Not to mention the volatile chemical components that give off or the negative emotional charges that can cause us.

2.- Open the windows daily.

Having clean air in the bedroom is essential for you to have good feng shui. This will not be possible if the bedroom air is rancid and full of pollutants. Plants are usually not good for a bedroom feng shui unless it is very large and the plants are placed away from the bed.

3.- Placement of the bed.

The bed must be accessible on both sides. You must have two bedside tables, one on each side. And it should never be confronted with the door or the window. A beautiful bed, with a good headboard and dressed with bedding made with natural fibers will also help the good feng shui of the bedroom.

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4.- Decorate the bedroom with soft colors.

The best feng shui colors for the bedroom are the so-called "skin colors". And as we know these vary, depending on the breeds, from white to chocolate brown. Any of these tones will be ideal when it comes to decorating our bedroom thinking of feng shui.

5.- Correct choice of decorative objects.

Works of art, photographs, lithographs, posters ... whatever the type of decorative object that we place in the bedroom should transmit positive energy, happiness and beauty. We will flee from images that remember loneliness, pain and the negative things of life.

Feng shui in the bedroom 1

6.- Adjustable lighting.

Adequate lighting is very important, light is one of the strongest manifestations of energy. Candles are the best feng shui bedroom lighting, since they not only clean energy, but also create an intimate, warm and healing environment. Use candles made with natural products preferably.

7.- Keep the doors closed at night.

The closet doors, the bathroom door or the bedroom door. All of them must be closed when we go to bed. In feng shui this point is considered necessary so that the energy does not escape and nurtures and strengthens us.

Photo: fengshui.about.com

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