7 new uses for an old ironing board

Within the broad field of DIY, practically any object of walking around the house can serve other purposes for which they were created. It is the case of a ironing board : its surface can be exploited in many extraordinary ways. We present 7 new uses that you can give to the old ironing board before it ends up in the container.

Decorate with ironing boards 1

If we take full advantage of the dimensions of these practical tables, we can make different objects with them. Many people like to receive their visitors properly, either by placing a welcome sign on the door or using a funny mouse pad. A board for the iron, who was going to say it, can serve for this purpose perfectly, whether the surface is made of wood or steel (in this case, it should be covered with some material and then paint on it the welcome greeting) . Another great idea is to convert the ironing board into an auxiliary table for our outdoor plant kit.

Decorate with ironing boards 2

Or it can be that incredible place to put the keys and tools of most use in the house.

Decorate with ironing boards 3

If yours are the crafts related to sewing, be very attentive, because you will find a unique place for your spools of thread ...

Decorate with ironing boards 4

The older this table is, the more match we can get to its vintage look, especially in the form of rustic furniture, for storage or as a bedside table. Surely you had not thought about it!

Decorate with ironing boards 5

Decorate with ironing boards 6

We can also create a very useful corner of work with the computer. Super useful and totally economic ideas.

Decorate with ironing boards 7

Photos: bluehousejournal.blogspot.com ; pinterest.com

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