7 modern mid-century decorations

The mid-century modern style It was very influential between 1930 and 1960, but for a couple of years it has been setting trends in decoration. Elegant lines, sharp legs, muted colors, textured fabrics and a minimalist approach are the key to a mid-century style. Although buying original furniture of the time can be very expensive, you can copy the look for a value that will not leave your wallet empty. Here we leave you some Modern mid-century decorations .

modern mid-century decorations8

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One of the best aspects of mid-century design is that you can incorporate it without any problem in almost any style of decoration. Choose indoor plants and place them on small stools of different heights with sharp legs.

7 modern mid-century decorations

We love this vintage bedside table that we found in a thrift store. We have only painted it to give it an updated look. If after visiting several second-hand stores you do not find a similar one, you can create your own bedside table with few pieces of plywood, some nails and sharp legs. If you have a shelf, put a drawer in one of the holes to store your favorite classics.

7 modern decorations from mid-1st century

This DIY is ideal to place several plants, scented candles or vases full of flowers, and give life to those empty corners.

7 modern decorations of mid-2nd century

If you want to keep sofas or chairs, add a mid-century coffee table to give the living room a feeling of modern vintage style .

7 modern mid-3rd century decorations

The fork legs are another essential element of the Modern mid-century decorations . Created in the early 1940s, the fork legs give a simple piece of furniture a lot of personality. This adorable bedside table is simple and elegant at the same time. The legs can be purchased at Amazon and other online stores.

7 modern mid-4th century decorations

Sunlight mirrors are an emblem of the Modern mid-century decorations . Although you can buy imitations in various stores, DIY is a great way to do it if you are looking for a specific style and size. This fun project costs very little although the results may seem much more expensive. Place it on a sofa or a bedroom.

7 modern decorations of mid-5th century

The comfortable mid-century It is a piece that any lover of retro can come to covet. We are not surprised that a real mid-century dresser can cost thousands of dollars, but you can happily transform the one you have at home with little money, patience and skill. The legs are everything.

7 modern mid-6th century decorations

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