7 modern benches for indoor or outdoor

Banks are a good decorative and practical resource at the same time. Its straight lines fit into any space and its light structure produces low visual impact. With a bank we fulfill the function that several chairs would have to play with the consequent use of space that they require. We will see seven modern bank designs that can help us complete the decoration of any corner of the house.

Design benches for the home 1

For patios, terraces or gardens are a very practical option. Easy to keep in order and give us that air of picnic table that is so nice when we eat outside the house.

Design benches for the home 2

In Copenhagen, in the house of the famous designer Finn Juhl, we can find this idea to decorate a quite difficult corner with a workbench next to the staircase. The space is completed with one of his most famous creations, the Japanese chair of 1957.

Design benches for the home 3

This bench made with Ipe wood creates a good place for the meeting in the garden. Especially if we accompany is space with a place to make fire and create an intimate and friendly atmosphere.

Design benches for the home 4

Sometimes we will not need much, the black bench on the right of the image fills the corridor between the glass and the sofa in a simple and practical way. Without great visual impact but with great practical ingenuity.

Design benches for home 5

For small outdoor spaces, the benches, like this folding table, help us to get better performance.

Design benches for home 6

We can find, if we like to go for second-hand stores and flea markets, some very interesting antique pieces that can be perfect to decorate a hall for example.

Design benches for the home 7

To gather the family and friends in the backyard are an interesting and very welcoming option.

Photos: dwell.com

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