7 luxury receivers

These seven receivers chosen ones stand out for the amplitude of their space. There are seven receivers like those that can be found in spacious houses, generally of various heights, where the balanced distribution of the elements that make up each hall make this space an elegant and splendid place. We have chosen them to show better how playing with the available surface and using very few adornments can create beautiful surfaces like these.


All of them have a common denominator: the space presented as a luxury, where, the less decoration, the more sophisticated the result becomes. The elegance of the design and the architectural finish also play an important role.



The generosity of its high ceilings or the detail of the staircase are also basic visual and spatial elements, making these halls more typical of palatial places.



As we can see, you hardly need a couple of furniture, the presence of vegetation, chandeliers, carpets and some wall sconces. The visual effect is unique and can give us ideas on how to create more personalized spaces in our own home, based on the guidelines used here: a little recharged space, nudity on the walls and intense lighting. We will have a luxury hall, no matter how small the space we have.



Photos: buybesthomedecor.com; madisonmuse.com; hit-decor.net

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