7 ingenious ideas for small kitchens

With these 7 ingenious ideas for small kitchens You will have a good repertoire of tricks to make your small kitchen seem bigger than it is. It is clear that the space will remain the same, that is inevitable, but visually we will find a big change and this will make you feel more at home in your kitchen.


Some tricks you can carry out immediately, without getting into work, but others can save them for when you have to face the renovation of your kitchen. Neither are reforms so large that you must undertake, we will see the proposals without further delay.


When you go to change the lining of the front of your kitchen remember this idea. A layout of the tiles in vertical or approximate form, like this we see in herringbone, will make that space appear to be gaining in height. Horizontal lines make objects and planes look lower.


If we add this other trick to the previous trick, we will still get that feeling of amplitude more marked. Removing hung cabinets and changing them by open shelves is a way to make the kitchen look bigger.


This little trick does not require any work and you can carry it out immediately. Placing a rectangular carpet, the more elongated the better, on the kitchen floor will also give us that feeling of spaciousness we are looking for. It is an easy and economic resource that we can change whenever we want.


Replacing chairs with stools that can be stored under the table is another interesting and easy option that will make us gain a precious space in our small kitchen.


Bright materials and reflective surfaces are also a good resource to increase the brightness and get the look goes further. Lacquered cabinets, well polished metal surfaces and mirrors are some of the elements of this type that we can use.


This kitchen of a tiny apartment is integrated into the common space. The television has been placed on the kitchen shelf, thus making better use of the rest of the space. You have to change your attitude and make the most of what you have.


The systems for hanging tools from the ceiling is a resource that frees up space in kitchen cabinets and countertops. At the same time it will give our kitchen a clearly professional air.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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