7 ideas to make better use of windows

Count our windows with sill or not, as usually happens in new buildings, are openings to the outside that we can take advantage of wisely. With these 7 ideas to make better use of windows you can get that party that we usually escape.


Custom made drawers have been made here to place the pots with plants. It is a great way to have a small garden in any room of the house. In the kitchen we can also serve as a garden for aromatic herbs. And as you can see the aesthetic does not suffer at all, on the contrary rather.


In this small room the window has been used to install a shelf just at your level. This has resulted in a small and very bright work space.


A very similar idea but this one has a base and a pad on top, ideal for our cat, you will surely love to sunbathe on that small winter bed.


With this small shelf we gain a lot of space so that our plants enjoy natural light.


In this window to the ground we see how we can also take advantage of its advantages here. A small piece of furniture or shelf serves to place a couple of plants and some decorative object. It can even be used as a bedside table.


Introducing color in a neutral environment is as simple as painting the windowsill in a rich and bright color. We will take advantage to put some more color and round the decoration.


In this window, located in the kitchen, a board has been installed to enjoy breakfast enjoying the first light of day. A great idea for small kitchens where you can not, or just do not want to, install an island.

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