7 ideas to have a different ceiling

The ceilings of the rooms of the house are usually the parts that usually receive less attention, a smooth finish in white and something else. Sometimes they add some texture, in the baleful times in which the gotelé reigns, some moldings and little else. But the ceiling is a large blank canvas that allows multiple treatments, of course there are tastes for everything and everyone will choose the decoration of the ceiling based on their personal tastes. We will show you some options that can give you some other idea about the decoration of the ceiling of your rooms.

Ceiling ideas 1

I have to admit in advance that I'm not passionate about putting too many elements on a roof, quite the contrary. For me that the ceiling is that flat is a blessing. But there are tastes for everything and it seems that the fashion of decorating the ceilings with various accessories. There are impressive decorations like this circular structure that you can see in the image above, well, but I do not know if I could sleep there below.

Ceiling ideas 2

On the other hand, I recognize that sometimes the style chosen for the decoration of a room or a complete house may require that the ceiling is also decorated in order to create a coherent space. This stately and impressive kitchen demands a roof according to that classic manor style . Although that ceiling can be somewhat oppressive it is clear that in such a large space something must be done on the roof so that it does not look like a desert.

Ceiling ideas 3

Instead I love the domed ceiling of this kitchen of modern design and the lines that integrate the ceiling with the rest of the kitchen are very successful.

Ceiling ideas 4

I recognize that for some things I am very classic and elitist, a wood roof It never hurts and it seems to me the most elegant thing that can be done in the decoration of this part of the room.

Ceiling ideas 5

In the latest trends there are designers who have dared to create designs as bold as the bathroom you see above. It is a solution that requires a lot of study, the roof and the floor have the same colors Although different design and the function of the correct choice of color of the walls is essential.

Ceiling ideas 6

The designers also recommend for the decoration of the ceilings to use the same color as in the rest of the room but in a lighter shade. On the other hand, when a Different color as in the living room that we see in the above image it will be interesting to add some element that breaks in some way the excessive impact it produces.

Ceiling ideas 7

The wooden beams They are a helpful element, whether structural or decorative, for the decoration of a room in rustic style. Stone and wood form a secular combination that always remains perfect, even when the rest of the room is decorated in modern or contemporary style.

Ceiling ideas 8

All my repairs to the decorations of the ceilings come down when I consider that they are essential or are consistent with the style of design of the room or the architectural style of the house. This beautiful Tuscan style kitchen screams for that fantastic three-dimensional ceiling .

Photos: hgtvremodels.com

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