7 ideas to decorate and integrate your laundry room

The service areas and specifically the laundry room Many times they are treated as if they were not part of the house. As a result, its decoration is usually scarce or almost nil, remaining as excluded from the rest of the home. With these 7 ideas to decorate and integrate your laundry room we hope you have enough material to change your point of view and to integrate this piece into the whole of your house.


If you have a back entrance, the one in the garden for example, you can create a laundry like this one. Fully integrated in the rear hall of the house allows much better use of space.


In small houses and apartments it may not be possible to dedicate a space to the laundry room. Integrating it in the bathroom can be a very good solution. We will have a personal toilet room as well as our clothes. As you can see, it does not take much space to fit the appliances and some space for storage.


When space is scarce we all know that light colors and good lighting help a lot to create a feeling of greater amplitude. Also if we add some bright color we create a focus of attention that gives life and joy to the space. Here is achieved with that beautiful blue door and the pictures on the wall, without forgetting the nice sidewalk.


Here we have found a curious combined space that can be used both for washing clothes and taking care of the garden. In this same way you can add the washing area to any wet area of ​​the house that has water intake and evacuation.


This fantastic and luminous laundry centers its interest in the fantastic blue appliances and the elegant carpet with white and blue stripes. A very simple way to give style and class to your laundry room.


Organization, order and cleanliness are the main virtues of every laundry room. Only with that we have won the game and everything we add can simply increase its degree of elegance and sophistication.


Even the laundry room deserves a personal touch so that it integrates completely with the rest of the decoration of the house. We will also achieve so that washing clothes is much more pleasant in an environment that we like and satisfy.

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