7 ideas to avoid claustrophobia in small spaces

The small apartments are very cozy but living in them can sometimes produce a claustrophobic feeling, especially in winter when we are forced by the weather to spend more time at home. If you find yourself in this position try some of these seven ideas that we propose below and you will feel much more comfortable in your small apartment.


In the same way you can make use of these proposals even if you do not live in a small apartment, in any house there is always some room that we can improve with these tips.


1.- Remove useless furniture and give them several uses to the more furniture better.

Sometimes improving the decoration and habitability of a small space requires some sacrifices such as getting rid of the furniture that occupies space but does not give us any service. In a small apartment or room space is gold and can not be wasted. The versatile furniture that we can use for different activities is what we really need in these small spaces.


2.- Reorganize the furniture

Install the furniture and larger and bulky items in the area of ​​the room farthest from the entrance door to it. In this way we reduce the visual impact when entering the room and leave more space to move.


3.- Making an intelligent use of color

Camouflage a piece of furniture by painting it in the same color as the wall can seem a bit risky but it is very effective since you reduce its visual impact, especially when it is bulky.


4.- Cleaning and order

It is a council a thousand times repeated but no less true. Any space always seems larger when it is neat and clean. A clear table, dust-free furniture, chairs in place are some of the small actions that will make us feel much better.


5.- Take care of the size of the paintings on the walls

When you live in a large house you can afford to hang what you want on your walls, especially when the ceilings are high. On the other hand, in a small apartment, a great work of art, however beautiful, will produce an unpleasant oppressive sensation. You have to be careful and hang on the wall decorative elements proportionate to the size of the room.


6.- The curtains

They are another complement to take into account in small spaces. They must be light and of proportional size to the one of the stay. Sometimes it is even better to avoid them. Natural light is very important in a small space to give a feeling of spaciousness. Also we will take into account the other textiles of the house such as carpets, these should have the right size. If they are too large they will create a feeling of overwhelm and if they are too small they will produce an unpleasant sensation of disorder.


7.- The mirrors

They are great allies in everything related to creating a sense of space. A mirror hung on the wall gives us a great sense of depth and its power of reflection of light helps to improve the lighting of the room.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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