7 functional and stylish mini kitchens

These 7 mini kitchens With a lot of style that we show you next, they teach us how to take better advantage of the space. They are tiny kitchens that, despite their size, fulfill their role. If you live in a small apartment, they can inspire you.


The kitchen of this Swedish studio Rue Magazine It has only the basics: a sink, a small two-burner countertop and a refrigerator located under the countertop. It is very small but very efficient and beautiful.


With a table and three chairs we already have the kitchen and dining room on a surface that surely does not exceed 2 square meters.


This tiny white kitchen is installed in an apartment in Paris. Thanks to its design in L takes advantage of a corner of it.



This tiny kitchen of Fantastic Frank He manages to fit a stove with an oven and a dishwasher. The dark color scheme is a bold but refreshing decision.


This French cuisine by A + B Kasha it is so subtle that it is difficult to recognize it as such. In its cupboards it hides a dishwasher, the range hood and the refrigerator.


This other mini kitchen uses a hole in the wall and still has fire, refrigerator and dishwasher embedded under the sink.


This small apartment in Paris has only 11 square meters, but that did not stop the designer Marianne Evennou Take bold design decisions in the kitchen. The dark color and design of the cabinets, the marble countertop and the superposed sink give a good feeling of luxury.


This kitchen in a small studio in Stockholm has a mini sink, two-burner stove, refrigerator under the counter and a mirror front that creates the illusion of a much larger space.

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