7 creative stairs of unique design

When a house has several precise heights of stairs to connect the different levels. The stairs are those elements that tend to change little, their design is classic and even sometimes in excess and do not combine correctly with interiors that follow the latest trends. That is why many designers have been busy creating new designs of stairs since they are a very striking element in the decoration of a house.

stairs of unique design-01

The spiral staircases are very practical because of the limited space they occupy, this new design with the steps connected only to the central column and the railing enclosing the stairway has an appearance reminiscent of a DNA chain.

stairs of unique design-02

Funny stairs, modern and light design with transparent glass handrail. A slide has been added to the interior side so that you can choose between going down to the classic way or sliding down the slide.

stairs of unique design-03

In their attempt to lighten the visual impact of the stairs many designers opt for the steps embedded in the wall without any support. They are stairs that fulfill their function but do not invade the space of the house.

unique designer stairs-04

Others opt for combined stairs, steps as shelves and combined uses.

stairs of unique design-05

This striking design, with steps fixed between glass panels is another way to reduce the volume and especially to avoid visual breakdown.

Unique design stairs-06

Another option for small spaces are stairs with alternating steps or Japanese stairs. These stairs occupy the minimum possible space which makes them ideal for small apartments.

stairs of unique design-07

There are many modern designs of stairs, you just have to decide on one and dare to use these daring stairs. Although they may seem unsafe they are not, they are designed to be used and not only as visual elements.

Photos: homemu.com

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