7 bedrooms with boho chic style

The style bohemian chic its charm is based on a combination of the most bohemian style with a modern and urban charm. This trend combines very well ethnic elements with some vintage and a colorful cheerful. It is a very visual style that is recreated in small details and where there is room for all kinds of patterns and fabrics.

Boho chic rooms 1

The floral prints are very present in this beautiful style. In the bed linen is played a lot with these designs and with the use of different fabrics, adding blankets of different shades, cushions and pillows, velvet, fringes, colorful bedspreads ... On the walls, in addition, we can find wallpaper.

Boho chic rooms 2

Boho chic rooms 3

At boho chic There is also room for rustic elements, which we can use as furniture. They are bedrooms where the charm of past decades, the 60s and 70s of the last century is recreated. A hippie charm where flowers have an indisputable role, but also other accessories, such as fluffy hair rugs.

Boho chic rooms 5

Within this current we can recreate a more vintage charm, which is known as "bohemian vintage". Borders, geometric bedspreads, retro headboards ... All this can help create these fascinating environments, so cozy and warm.

Boho chic rooms 4

The wood is revealed as the material par excellence, adorning with small drawers, trunks, wooden boxes converted into bedside tables and shelves. Divans and even indoor hammocks can also be present in this innovative concept of the most bohemian spaces.

Boho chic rooms 7

The stripes also have their importance within this style. Blankets and bedspreads with ethnic inspiration in the best craft tradition. As we see, different accessories that, combined with charm, will help us create environments with this magic so chic, so "ethno chic".

Boho chic rooms 6

Photos: bohochicstyle.com

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