6 very creative headboards

Putting together a different headboard for the bed is easy with a little creativity and free time. We show you some examples that can help you if you are looking for new and innovative ideas. They are models of headboard for all kinds of styles.

The first proposal has a very natural headboard, made with bamboo cane. A special headboard for quiet environments, natural styles and decoration with simple textures and very domestic elements: wicker, fabrics, vegetation ...

Creative headboards 1

Having this beautiful aquarium as the headboard of a bed is not only something original, but also incredibly relaxing. The bluish luminescence that emanates from the interior of this aquarium gives the room a unique atmosphere. Look at a genuine detail: the lamps are incorporated inside the fish tanks.

Creative headboards 2

This headboard is a very interesting mix of styles: on the one hand, a romantic-artistic style, and on the other a rustic side. A unique piece frames the top part of the headboard: a kind of bird cage adorned with a crown. A proposal to satisfy the artistic vein of the most daring decorators, who always look for something innovative to create very personal spaces.

Creative headboards 3

Another proposal for avant-garde and bohemian spaces is this headboard made with stacks of vertical books. If you are one of those who look for unusual creations, join this idea and try it in your room. You will get a unique style.

Creative headboards 4

The following headboard recreates the country style in an incredible way, using aged doors to create a corner full of beauty, serenity and elegance. For spirits who crave romantic elements in their spaces, and lots, lots of creativity.

Creative headboards 5

We close with a raised headboard enhanced in a modern decoration: the fabrics that hang on it provide an avant-garde atmosphere, with a certain air 'pop' very special. Because it is not just about taking care of the headboard itself as a piece belonging to the bed, but creating decorations around it: play with lighting, with textures (fabrics, curtains, screens ...) and, above all, try out colors, objects, drawings ... The room will gain a lot of attractiveness.

Creative headboards 6

Photos: freshome.com; homedecorinterioridea.com.

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