6 tips to customize your decoration

The narrow budget available for decoration or the lack of time push many people, most of them, to buy their furniture and decorative objects in a few shops. In these cases the feeling that produces the decoration of our home is the "photo catalog" and lack of personality. But of course most of us are in the two previous cases or at least in one of them. How to do so that despite all the decoration of our home is an extension of our personality?

Tips to customize the decoration 1

Interaction between furniture and architecture

Yes a piece of furniture we can love in the store but where it really should look good is in the space that it will occupy in our house. We must bear in mind the shape, space and volume of our house when purchasing furniture. The distribution and the space that they leave to the flow of traffic are an essential part of the success at the time of choosing some furniture or others. The good assistance programs that some furniture stores have can help in the choice of furniture we need.

The decoration of the walls

Many times, for the two reasons exposed at the beginning, there is no choice but to buy furniture in a large store. The problem then is how to personalize a room furnished with mass-selling pieces. One solution is to be bold with the decoration of the walls and choose pictures, posters or sheets of striking colors or large to act as a claim for sight, diverting it from ordinary furniture.

Tips to customize the decoration 2

Decorate in stages

Do not worry about having the house a little rickety temporarily. Take your time but try to run away from buying all your furniture and decorative items in the same store, especially when it comes to one of those distribution giants. The decoration by levels will give you a great result, start with the essential and see adding decorative elements as you have time and you really find what you want. The round decoration is not the one that ends before but the one that you build little by little.

Create beautiful and interesting compositions

The compositions are one of the great tools used by interior decorators to create original spaces. It is a matter of combining some decorative elements that, separately, might not say much, but when combined they produce a great decorative effect. The pieces of crafts are one of the elements that are usually used to obtain good results in the compositions. The cushions on a sofa are a good and simple example of composition.

Tips to customize the decoration 3

DIY Customizations

It may seem crazy or at least a very risky option to make changes in a newly purchased item but it is a great way to transmit our personality to an object of industrial chain production. And they do not have to be big and complex changes, a simple strip of color in an ordinary piece of furniture will transform it completely.

The color of the walls

It sounds hackneyed but it's still one of the best ways to personalize a stay. A change in the background color can give a completely different air to the furniture of any piece of the house.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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