6 retro style beds

A bed of retro look It has all the charm of antique furniture. To create these vintage beds we will base both on the support on which the place of decans is mounted and on the environment itself.

Retro beds 1

The bed frame is an important part of the bed, but not the only one. Although if it has a marked retro style, we will have it easier to recreate these trends in the bedroom. The iron with built-in headboard and bars are the most common when talking about retro beds. If this frame retains the charm of the passage of time, we will have a bed with a purer retro style, but if we choose to paint a white or a pastel color, we will obtain a much more romantic style.

Retro beds 2

In other times it was very common for the bed was incorporated on this iron frame. Some models were more baroque, while, over time, the trends became more simple and less bulky.

Retro beds 3

The headboards are also important. The white wood with fabrics, projections and arabesques are the most suitable for these retro airs in the bedroom. As for the bedding, you can also get fascinating retro effects with a vaporous quilt, or ruffled sheets and cushions.

Retro beds 4

For a more traditional and simple retro, bare wood is the most suitable material. A small bench or couch at the foot of the bed can also achieve this vintage effect. We can complete with suitcases, trunks or chests. The effect will be fantastic.

Retro beds 5

Finally, we present this atypical model. A bed with an iron frame that has been incorporated leaves and ropes, recreating a small garden on the mattress. In the environment has been enhanced this minimalist retro air with the furniture and green tones, in the purest sixties style.

Retro beds 6

Photos: designstylehome.com

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