6 objects that you should banish from your home

There are decorative accessories that are essential in a home to be able to say that it is complete. Instead there are elements and accessories that must be banished from any home where they are.

Decoration errors

We seriously doubt that these six objects can be together in the same house but the human capacity to surprise us is unlimited.

Decoration errors 2

I remember that once we referred to these carpeted sets for bath, very common during a horrible time for decoration. Well, if there is one left, you should go directly to the corresponding waste container. Surely they can be recycled to make objects more useful and above all less horrible.

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Frames with family photos are a necessary complement in every home. Having our people always in sight even if it is only in image is something that when you reach a certain age you feel necessary. But as everything must be measured and not hyperpopulate our house with a lot of cheap frames and images of the same people in different ages and situations. It is much more decorative and charming to have the right frames and the best quality that we can afford.


Are the curtains necessary in all circumstances? I doubt it very much, sometimes habits creep because of inertia that weigh us down for life. Let's break the chains and above all those horrible half-curtains that do not fulfill any function. The landscape that you see from your window is surely much more beautiful.

Decoration errors 4

Cheap glass vases that we accumulate from different and spurious origins. There is a practical container for glass and glass near your home, in complete safety. So you know what you should do with these painful accessories.

Bouquets and other artificial flower arrangements whether plastic, fabric or any other material. They are not made to decorate your house but to be a refuge for dust, mites and other fauna. Some fresh flowers from time to time, bought or collected from your garden or wild will be much more beautiful.

Decoration errors 6

Do you like to collect objects? Fantastic! It is a very good way to decorate but without overdoing it. You do not have to have a full shelf as if you were the exhibitor of a bazaar. Look at the museums, the objects need a certain free space around them to be able to show off all their beauty and personality. Show a part of your collection and save the rest, periodically.

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