6 modern bookstores

Books can occupy a very valuable space in a house but there are many elegant ways to solve this problem in an elegant, practical and decorative way. Ideas that allow us to occupy spaces that normally go unnoticed and that can easily be used to create our personal library.

Design bookstores 1

In this house located in the countryside in Slovenia the solution chosen by its owners has been to use a spectacular staircase-library. On one side are the steps and behind, in the hollow, the shelves.

Design bookcases 2

In a different way but also next to the stairs, this bookcase made with a background of slightly separated wood slats and steel shelves acts as a separator of environments.

Design bookcases 3

In this prefabricated rural house located in Washington a large hanging shelf is responsible for containing large books and music equipment leaving the lower space free. A very practical solution when it comes to cleaning.

Design bookcases 4

Here we see the expression of one of the best uses that can be given to a library, as room dividers are a great solution.

Design bookstores 5

In this garage converted into a work place and music room, a bookshelf with a door keeps the collection of books and records safe.

Design bookcases 6

Shelving systems with guides are still a great solution to create a solid library with great storage capacity and minimal visual and volumetric impact. In addition, with them we can design our own library and make the most of the available space.

Photos: dwell.com

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