6 lessons on color in decoration

Patrick Mele is a young designer from New York who has developed a meteoric career thanks to color. In particular to his way of facing it without any fear or reservation. He likes bright and rich colors, including white and black, and shuns dull colors. We will see in these 6 lessons about color in decoration your point of view from some of his works.


As we see in this living room, Patrick does not walk with half measures and we can appreciate a good summary of his technique. Black and white, red and white, blue and white and in the center that wonderful mustard-colored sofa, without eluding the green touch of the large leaves.


Lesson 1. Combine different tones of the same color.

When we see this hall we can think of a chaotic explosion of color. But if we study it with a little attention we will see that it follows a pattern, there are only different shades of blue and orange plus white and wood. Navy blue, cobalt, turquoise are combined with coral, tangerine and grapefruit tones.


Lesson 2. Blue and white are a sure success.

For Patrick Mele white and blue in decoration are an extrapolation of the cowboy and the white shirt in dress, they never go out of style. This classic-style living room has a younger, more informal feel thanks to the denim on the walls and the white of the armchairs and the various brush strokes.


Lesson 3. Repeat color combinations in attached rooms.

It is not a lack of originality but a necessity to create a certain coherence in the decoration of a house. Here in the dining room we see that the colors of the hall are repeated, blue and orange, but changing the technique.


Lesson 4. Reverse the percentages.

We continue in the music room with the same color palette but changing and altering the percentages. Here the orange gains ground and the blue loses it, the green also gains presence and a bright touch has been added with the coffee table.


Lesson 5. The renovating target.

Mele is a great defender of painting objects in white, especially furniture. Think that it modernizes and refreshes them. It's a fantastic way to recover that old grandma's furniture for our decoration. On this occasion, the chairs of this spacious and classic dining room were renovated.


Lesson 6. Get a good combination between prints and color.

In the bedroom the designer started by choosing the black and white Matisse style prints of the window and the chaise longue. And so he opted for soft and neutral tones for the rest of the bedroom, thus breaking the colorful palette he had used in the rest of the house.

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