6 kitchens in French Provencal style

The kitchens that we present below are designed according to the canons of the French style more classic, a style linked to the rustic environments of the country villas of the Provence French They dominate the classic wood as a base material, in addition to another series of elements that make these spaces authentic works of art.

French Provencal style kitchens 1

There is a clear taste for giving prominence to handmade accessories, represented in various utensils made of ceramics, also wicker chairs, as well as other details such as kitchen towels and typical table linen, strings of garlic or onions hanging on the wall, and even small plants or flowers that serve as decoration and give the space a more bucolic and natural charm.

French Provencal style kitchens 2

French Provencal style kitchens 3

Another characteristic typical of the kitchens of this style are the colors, soft ranges in beige, in toasted colors and even in blue or white. Other colors such as green, mustard yellow or salmon can also be present, always in very soft tones, close to the colors of nature.

French Provencal style kitchens 4

Provencal French style kitchens 5

They are kitchens where a very clear and structured order prevails, where the corners made with care and full of small details abound. Kitchens illuminated with natural light, preferably, where we can also find arches, columns or wooden beam ceilings. All this adds up the indisputable charm of a style in which cuisine is venerated as an almost sacred space, the place where gastronomy rises to the category of art.

French Provencal style kitchens 6

Photos: decoracionydisegno.blogspot.com

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