6 ideas only for design lovers

These six ideas that we bring you in this article will put you to the test. Are you a design lover? Are you willing to take the risks that sometimes involves being the latest in decoration? And we could continue to raise several other issues, but let's leave it there is also a matter of passing. The vast majority of people do not consider the decoration of their home as a challenge and a necessity, they see it as something to be done even if they do not understand very well why.

Design ideas 2

An ordinary person will see these windows painted black and think that it is very exaggerated, a design lover instead will see it as something interesting, provocative and with a certain theatrical, artistic and risky air.

Design ideas 1

The risk is something innate to the artist Exposing his work to the judgment of the people is the basis of his career. If you do not risk you can not break the molds that's why only design lovers, those little artists, will be able to understand an open bookcase in the kitchen. Most people will see it as something absurd and not very practical. This type of storage requires that the objects to be stored are beautiful and well arranged, it is not like a closet where you can put things in any way and close the door.

Design ideas 3

Ordinary people will see an excess of cushions as an unnecessary waste, they only see the pragmatic part of the matter. On the other hand, the design lover has a huge field thanks to the cushions, they allow you to coordinate different parts of the decoration of the room in a very simple and economical way.

Design ideas 4

Leather and animal skins are another material that not everyone understands, especially when it comes to rough and untreated leather and untanned hides. On the other hand, the design lover sees these materials as a new experience to create their perfect decoration.

Design ideas 5

A vase without flowers, a golden bowl full of pistachios, any object makes a difference for itself and its relationship with others. Most people will not notice anything.

Design ideas 6

Wallpaper is another decorative material in which design lovers are finding the basis to express their concerns. There is enough offer nowadays for a passionate designer to go crazy with a sample of wallpapers.

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