6 carpet trends you want to know

Between calculating the appropriate size for the space and choosing the pattern and texture that most appeal to you and combine with the style of the environment, the choice of a carpet can be an activity that consumes a lot of time. If you are coveting an old Turkish carpet, you do not need a passport to obtain it, since in any market you can get one. Take a look at these carpet trends and transform your space without hiring a bricklayer or painter.

carpet trends that you will want to know

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Do you have problems choosing a pattern or texture? Do you have an antique rug that is a small one for your living room? Do not worry, because Layered carpets have become very popular in recent years. However, you have to do it well and consider the space before the layers. A fun and bold piece like this blue cowhide rug over a more neutral option like a wool or jute rug will look great.

6 carpet trends you want to know

Morocco is characterized by its incredible textiles, and we have no doubt why: this small African country creates impressive carpets and blankets like nowhere else. There are many types of Moroccan carpets . This rug in particular is called Beni Ouarain and is recognizable by its monochromatic tribal pattern. You can find authentic handcrafted versions in most high-end furniture stores, but if the price is very high, you can always find beautiful and affordable replicas in retail stores. The black and white diamond pattern will look lovely in any living room.

6 trends of carpets that you will want to know 1

Chevron is another popular carpet pattern which has a great impact. This rug is an excellent way to add texture and design in a room. If you have always wanted to experiment with the mixture of prints, the chevron will look great with almost all patterns: striped, floral, tropical. Let your imagination fly!

6 carpet trends you want to know 2

The kitchen may seem like a dangerous place for a rug, but it can be a wonderful way to add color to a neutral kitchen. Although you'll want to be careful with stains, a carpet can relieve foot pain from those long hours of meal preparation.

6 carpet trends you want to know 3

The animal print is a trend that comes and goes, but has been a focal point in the houses in recent years. This impressive cowhide rug is excellent for adding warmth to any space, especially the living room.

6 carpet trends you want to know 4

Let your house look happy and colorful from the wallpaper to the floor. The geometric prints are booming at this time and give life to any place, especially those in tropical style. Try this trend in dining rooms, entrances or country houses.

carpet trends

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