6 bedrooms in unique places

The idea of ​​transforming the bedroom In a different environment, unique and unique is something that had in mind who designed these six rooms that we bring you today. It is about six different environments, but incredibly special, that leave aside the old idea that the bedroom is just for sleeping or resting. In these six cases, at least, the bedroom has been conceived as a place where dreams can also come true.

Dream rooms 01

The first example is this bedroom with bohemian strokes in which art is very present. Sculptural figurines, drawings and other decorations surround the bed and enact an environment in which the bed is a complement, a place to sit and wander for hours in this beautiful white space with avant-garde look.

The next bedroom, also integrated in the unique space of a loft, is more urban, although it contains an implicit message: the urban is not at odds with the Zen idea of ​​having an interior garden as beautiful as this one. It is the most inspired, and we do not miss the detail of the Buddha on the headboard of the bed. The house is wonderful.

Dream rooms 02

Bedroom, dressing room and bathroom, three in one. The concept of this bedroom is the most genuine: it seems designed so that the intimacy of sleeping, grooming and dressing takes place in the same private space. The semiazulado touch of the decoration and the detail of the glass screen make this place something sublime. The idea that the water cascades next to the bed does not stop surprising and tasting.

Dream rooms 03

We continue with water as an integrated element in the bedroom. In this case, the idea of ​​placing the bed next to a pool is innovative and very daring, but also fun. And it is understood that this bedroom has been conceived as a more playful, recreational, as if it were a special area enabled to rest after a bath in such a beautiful pool.

Dream rooms 04

This is a futuristic bedroom one hundred percent, and belongs to the range of rooms of a hotel in Madrid. The room has been reduced to its minimum expression: pure rest, and nothing more. In any case, a little television before sleep. The conception of the space as a small isolated capsule, the softness of the white and the peace that is breathed will help to conciliate the sleep of the most insomniac.

Dream rooms 5

Finally, a totally different idea: sleep on the heights of a tree house, in the middle of nature. Another concept of relaxation as something relaxing and as a fun experience. The beauty of the wood of the small construction and the beautiful views catch us from the heights.

Dream rooms 06

Photos: sharenator.com

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