50's style bathrooms

Now that it takes everything vintage It seems that many people have discovered the decorative currents of the middle of the last century. That golden age of interior design that introduced new airs deserves to be rescued from oblivion. We propose a few ideas of bathrooms 50s style that can serve as inspiration for your projects.

Vintage baths 1

Very connected with the minimalist tendencies and the Nordic styles, the modern style of the 50s also offers a touch of warmth introduced mainly by the use of wood.

Vintage baths 2

Vintage 3 bathrooms

Ceramic coverings are another of the basic ideas of this decorative style. Although tiles with a certain vintage flavor are preferred to create one hundred percent atmospheres of the time.

Vintage baths 4

Vintage baths 5

Vintage baths 6

We can use neutral backgrounds, white subway style tiles are very frequent but you can also use tiles with geometric designs or even wooden floors and walls.

Vintage 7 bathrooms

Vintage bathrooms 8

Vintage baths 9

The bathroom furniture and especially the sink are floating and are anchored to the wall. A very practical and functional idea that allows us to clean the floor in a moment.

Vintage baths 10

Vintage baths 11

Vintage baths 12

The geometric designs can be used both for the floor and for the walls. On the floor you can even resort to hydraulic tiles that take us directly to the 50s.

Vintage baths 13

Vintage baths 14

Vintage bathroom 15

The finishes can be quite different but they always have that air in common that gives the style. You can look for a vintage or more current flavor according to your wishes, the truth is that it is a style that gives a lot of play.

Vintage baths 16

Vintage baths 17

Vintage bathroom 18

We have seen a majority of furniture for the sink flown but we can also opt for models with legs in the style of the 50. They are unmistakable and one hundred percent charming.

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