5 virtues of Japanese style extrapolated to our home

The Japanese decorative style, traditional or current, has many virtues that if we know how to move them to our home will allow us to enjoy it more and better. It is not so much decorative details but rather vital attitudes of the Japanese people that can teach us to take better advantage of the space and above all to feel a greater peace and serenity when we are at home.

Virtues of Japanese style 1

  • Maintain clean lines. The Japanese style is characterized precisely by the constant use of straight and simple lines, without frills or refills. Minimalism zen that is usually said.
Take advantage of the spaces. In Japan, housing, especially in large cities, is very small. But they manage very well so that each space fulfills more than one function. Introduce a little nature. Natural materials and plants create a calm environment in an artificial space. The plants, the stones, the water sources and any other reference to Nature create a great sense of peace in the home. The importance of the receiver. Most Japanese homes have a space dedicated to welcoming people from the house and visitors. It is about the genkan that can be from a porch to a simple mat and it is useful for people to take off their street shoes and put on their shoes. It is a very important space, whatever its size, which constitutes the transition between the exterior and the interior. The use of the ground. Logically in a small space and with few furniture the floor acquires great importance. With pillows, mats and carpets can take advantage of much of the floor to sit especially if we have low tables.
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