5 types of woods for the home

Wood is one of the most popular materials when it comes to making furniture and building houses. It also has a timeless beauty and brings a great sense of comfort in the spaces where it is inserted. Despite being associated with the rustic style, this material can be found in minimalist, modern, eclectic, Nordic-style environments, and so on.

5 types of wood for the home

Its versatility is one of its main characteristics. The choice of wood for the house and for the furniture is important, since the woods vary in color and strength and, therefore, a bad choice can compromise the durability of the furniture or any other thing that is built with wood. Next, we'll leave you some features of the most common types of wood for houses .

1. Pine

5 types of wood for the home1

Pine is an extremely popular, inexpensive and light wood. This last feature makes it easy to manipulate. On the other hand, it has a pale color, so it can be painted easily. Although it is not a wood as durable as others, decorating with it is simple.

2. Eucalyptus

5 types of woods for the home

Eucalyptus is a renewable and recyclable wood which is used both in interior and exterior carpentry. In addition, it has great durability abroad and can last from 5 to 40 years, depending on whether or not it is in contact with the ground. Therefore, this raw material has replaced conventional hardwoods and nowadays it is usually used in the construction of gates, pergolas, outdoor furniture, fences, etc. Also, you can find it in different tonalities.

3. Cedar

5 types of woods for the home 1

It is a beautiful wood that has a reddish brown color that conveys warmth and comfort. It is also durable, resistant and easy to maintain. It is widely used in doors, floors and furniture, being especially suitable for frames, internal parts of furniture and office furniture. Actually, cedar can be used in almost everything . It is resistant to moisture and, therefore, does not rot. Likewise, its aromatic fragrance repels mosquitoes.

4. Walnut

5 types of woods for the home 2

The walnut is valuable and used for the floor and furniture. It is resistant and dense and has a nice chocolate or reddish tone, although it is also possible to find it in lighter colors. However, it is not as light as the other woods mentioned above, which makes it difficult to handle.

5. Mahogany

5 types of woods for the home 3

It is a valuable wood, whose color varies from chestnut to reddish brown. Mahogany furniture is expensive all over the world , because this wood is very popular for its great beauty and versatility. It is worth noting that it is a flexible wood that can bend, but without splitting.

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