5 tricks to make your house look bigger

Not everyone is lucky to live in large mansions. Most of us have to settle for normal homes with the right meters to live. But even in the worst case you can always improve and for that, these five tricks will be great for you. Of course, they will not extend the meters of your house but will make the view feel less constricted.


The brain is a wonderful organ but it can also be deceived and the decorators know it. The first advice is to try to make a room seem to have more height than it actually has. As an example this room or living room. Painting the white ceiling will make it appear taller and if we hang a lamp as well, as well as placing the curtain rods as close to the ceiling or even fixed on it. To this we can add that the decorative objects are of vertical design. Everything that is straight lines pointing to the ceiling will make it appear to be higher than it actually is.


But we can also work below. The furniture, all of them, with legs that show the ground beneath them is another trick that relieves the feeling that a room is full. Seeing space, even under the furniture, makes us believe that the stay is greater.


Doors and any other decorative element that is transparent is a magnificent way to expand the look. If we add good lighting and light colors we have a lot of livestock in this aspect, as we can see in this small bathroom.


Decanting for some furniture that can fulfill more than one paper is another good strategy. This coffee table can rise and become a table or bar for a snack or even a casual dinner.


Order is another way to gain space. With good cabinets and shelves to store the various objects that we accumulate we will increase the available living space.

Photos: bhg.com

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