5 tips to organize the home office

Having a complete office or a small office area at home is essential to keep it in order. One always has a tendency to accumulate papers that end up taking up a lot of space for free and a bit absurd. We must be aware of this and try to take the appropriate measures so that our workspace is clear. A clean and obstacle-free space favors greater performance and the sense of order that accompanies us will make us feel more relaxed.

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one.- You have to be implacable and everything that does not work has to be eliminated. If we do not see ourselves capable of doing it once, at least we have to plan a cleanup and organization step by step to get our office cleared of everything that is useless.

two.- There are no excuses today to keep files full of photographs, music, information, documents ... all of this can be stored virtually in digital storage services. They are fast, safe and practical and even many of them free. We can also access them from any PC or with our smartphone or tablet.

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3.- Finance and bank accounts are no longer an excuse for having to store mountains of mail with their communications. Electronic invoicing can be requested from any bank and we will save ourselves having to store another pile of paper.
For the rest of the objects or files on paper that are not used frequently but can not be undone, it is always a good idea to invest in archivists or lockers that not only go with the color and decoration of the home office, but that they are the right size for the space; we must take care that they are not or very large for the space in which you have in mind to install them or too small for the things that we intend to store.

4.- Getting up from the desk after having saved all the material used during the work is a healthy habit that will allow us to maintain order in a very easy way. Pencils, pens, markers and any other office supplies that you have used, save it before you leave the table. That way you will always keep your table clean and clear. There is nothing so unpleasant and unmotivating that having to clear your desk before getting to work.

Home Office 3

5.- Transfer all the above to your computer or computer, your tablet and even your smartphone. Try to keep the desk of your electronic tool clean and clear, create the files you need and keep in them everything you do. It is also important to keep your email account neat, so you can create files to save what you need and eliminate unnecessary messages.

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