5 tips to organize a small freezer

A large freezer is the dream of anyone, especially those who only have a small one, but those are also filled, do not believe. Anyway, everything can be better exploited with a little ingenuity and common sense. Let's see five ideas that will help us make better use of the space of a small freezer but that we can easily extend to freezers of any size to get a better performance.

Organize the freezer 1

As I say it is simply to sharpen a little ingenuity and use common sense. Surely any of us can find more ideas to save more products in the freezer or adapt these to your needs.

Organize the freezer 2

1.- Get rid of cardboard containers.

Many frozen products are sold in cartons. If we introduce them as is in our freezer we will be losing a lot of useful space. So we will remove the products from the package before putting them in the freezer. Now it will be interesting and practical to conveniently label the product with its description and date of entry and expiration.

2.- Limit the use of ice buckets.

Ice cubes take up a lot of space and are often uncomfortable to put in a small freezer. We will use the least possible, although the ideal would be to have none and acquire a cube making machine or buy them made when we need them.

Organize the freezer 3

3.- Take out the cold bags and the accumulators.

If we are athletes, we have a cold bag in the freezer to treat injuries. Or the odd battery for the cooler. The cold therapeutic bags can easily be replaced by a bag of frozen peas and the accumulators do not need to be always in the freezer, just introduce them one day before use.

Organize the freezer 4

4.- Avoid the use of plastic containers for freezing.

They are very bulky and take up a lot of space. It is much more practical for space effects to freeze the food that we have in airtight bags for freezing. We can thus stack them easily, making the most of the space.

5.- Be flexible regarding the organizational system.

We can see many systems to organize the freezer with color labels, classifiers and more. They are very good but they force us to always use the same organizational method when in reality what we have in the freezer usually varies a lot over time. We never have the same things and in the same amount, so we have to be flexible and adapt to our specific needs at every moment.

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