5 tips to buy a stainless steel sink

When we are faced with the reform of the kitchen there are endless elements that we have to take into account. We have to decant by some materials or others depending many times on the rest of the components. At the time of changing the sink it may seem that this is as simple but also requires a decision. Stainless steel is a very interesting option for a kitchen sink, as it cleans easily and quickly and has a very professional look. While it is very hygienic and durable.

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But once overcome the doubts related to its design: one breast or two, encastrado or sobrepuesto; you should base your purchase decision on other less obvious factors that affect the quality / price ratio. Obviously for this you have to resort to the advice of experts. Then we expose them summarized in five points.

How to choose your steel sink 2

One of the important characteristics when choosing a specific model of sink we have to inform us of its thickness. The thickness of the stainless steel plate with which the model has been manufactured will give us a sample of its quality. When we knock with the knuckles the sink will make more noise the thinner the plate with which it was manufactured.

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The depth of the breast is also a matter to be considered if only in terms of ergonomics. A sink with little depth will make the water splash out, and it will be uncomfortable to scrub. Too deep a sink, especially if it is recessed, can cause back discomfort when we are washing the dishes.

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See if the outside of the sink, which will be embedded in the countertop, has some type of coating that can help avoid excessive noise that can make water or objects that enter the sink. These coatings also serve to prevent condensation of water on the exterior surface of the sink, which will remain inside the cabinet.

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The quality of steel, obviously, is an imponderable factor when choosing between one sink or another. The best stainless steel to make a sink is that of the 300 series, also known as type 304, it is a very malleable and easy to weld steel. In addition to very resistant to corrosion. One of its characteristics is to be non-magnetic, although there is no need to rely on excess because the steel of the 200 series is also non-magnetic and instead its resistance to corrosion is much lower. It is also important that it is 18/8 steel, that is, that it has those percentages of chromium and nickel to be resistant to stains. Molybdenum is introduced into steel alloys to increase its resistance to pitting or slit corrosion.

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When we talk about built-in sinks we must also take into account where the drain is located in the breast. If it is located in the back, it will leave more usable space in the lower cupboard of the kitchen. At the same time that it leaves more useful space of use in the interior of the breast of the sink.

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