5 possible problems at home when returning from vacation

The holidays have been wonderful ... so much that we do not want them to end. But, as it happens to all of us, at some point we will have to go back home. And it will be, returning to work, to our pending projects and our daily life.

5 possible problems at home when returning from vacation

And as they have been beautiful ... all that joy can be transformed completely only when you get home. Why? Because a few days ago (or several) that we are not and the surprises do not take long to arrive.

From theft, a small fire, problems with the water, a door that does not open, a broken glass, damaged windows, power cuts, the awning is down ... and the list of problems can continue in such a way that you can not imagine. Now, let's see them and classify them all in order to make the best decision. Which? That, although many resist the idea or see it as an "expense they do not want to make", hiring a good home insurance is the true and only solution for all the inconveniences that we can find at home. And regardless of whether we're going on vacation or not.


1- Robberies

A classic problem at home, of those that we think will never happen to us. Attentive! It can happen to us and at least we imagine it. And those thefts can only be outdoors or also indoors. Can you imagine arriving home and missing important things? Even those jewels and accessories that we like so much ... The malvivientes always try to be "one step ahead" of us and can control us without us noticing, but you can always try to avoid them following these tips from Verti , Being protected is extremely important!

2- Fire

Either by an electrical accident or with gas. Or even for other reasons, there may be small fires at home that damage our property (small or larger). While we can take precautions before leaving ... it can happen to us and, again, protecting ourselves is something we should not stop doing. Something important whether we own our house or tenants. Having a coverage assures us the cost of the spare as replacement of the belongings we have lost.

3- Water damage

Before going on vacation we noticed that there was a small loss in a tap and we decided to "take care" of the return ... And now that we have returned surprise! We have water damage in our kitchen, or worse, in our apartment ... Do you know what it means? Very large problems that require professionals to take care of them. We will not be able to do it ourselves. And it can be a complex situation, with the return to school of the children and our return to work. So ... if we had taken that home insurance with so many advantages ... Not to regret like that! If we can have our insurance ready and up to date. It is always better to "prevent than cure", as the saying goes.

4- Lack of electricity

Another problem of the most common, but that, in addition to not allowing us daily life ... you can not let us enter the house! And, as we saw before, it requires the intervention of a professional for its solution.

Electrical problems can be caused by a fault in our home or have been caused, for example, by inclement weather in our absence.

The truth is that being able to re-establish electricity at home requires a quick solution. And if we have our home insurance ... it is solved in less than what we imagine!

5- Problems of locksmith, plumbing, glassware, etc.

Locks locked, either because of a functional problem or because we had an attempt to steal at home. Or, perhaps, we found broken glass doors and windows for a storm, for an attempted theft even by our pet that was left to the care of an acquaintance at home during the holidays. Without leaving aside, for example, we can find the awning of the patio broken by the last storm (in our absence), the plumbing of the bathroom is clogged or there are problems with the carpentry of the house (be it doors or windows) that were not when we leave.

All, but all these common and probable problems have a solution. If we had to individually hire people to fix each of them, can you imagine the cost? That is why, again, it is clear that having a home insurance is ultra necessary!

In conclusion ... and here we go with something that some of us have learned from our own experience. As I said before it is better to "prevent than cure" and home insurance has, by far, many advantages for us. So much so that, if we analyze it well, its cost, at the end of the day is not so much compared to all the advantages that we will have if we have problems like these. Of course, the best thing is that it never happens to us! But that is not in our hands to avoid it, prevent them and prepare ourselves!

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