5 original ideas to create a reading space

Reading is an intimate act that develops between the reader and the work. Many readers like to always read in the same places, their favorite corner, their favorite armchair, although of course they can in most cases read equally in any circumstance. But the experience of reading in the place that you like most has a special flavor for any reader. Here we show you five ideas to create a reading space, intimate, and that meets the characteristics that each reader needs.

Reading corners 1

Take advantage of the particular architectural features to create the reading space that each reader needs is a good start. On this occasion, natural light prevails, some readers prefer it to develop their activity. A large window that protrudes from the house can easily be adapted as a reading area.

Reading corners 2

A small corner can be perfectly adapted to create your small reading bubble. The use of curved bases will facilitate a comfortable reading.

Reading nooks 3

This hollow in the wall as a large niche allows to create an intimate space with storage capacity. There are readers who prefer to read surrounded by books and this will be a good solution for them.

Reading corners 4

This small bed fitted into the hollow of the sloping window allows you to create a comfortable and well-lit area where the reader will feel protected but without burdens of space.

Reading corners 5

Creating your own reading space is as simple as taking advantage of a corner in a passage area. A mattress on the floor and a good collection of pillows will allow your reading time to be at the same time a time of physical rest.

Photos: design-milk.com

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