5 livings of stars that we can recreate at home

The houses of celebrities appear in decoration magazines as models of how well they can decorate with a good checkbook in their pocket. Although it sounds obvious to us, this is not always the case, it would be interesting if decoration magazines occasionally offered us the horrors that excess decoration money can perpetrate. We will never see it because the publishing world and the mass media are too tied to their financing channels and must pay painful tolls for it. Anyway, let's be positive and review here five living rooms of stars of the North American star system.

Ideas livings 1

Many, the vast majority can not reproduce these environments as such, we can not access those furniture with a name that always carry a very large number in its non-existent labels. But recreating an environment is not copying piece by piece, model by model, you can perfectly recreate the environment taking note of the proportions and materials. The visual impact can be reproduced in many ways, that's what abstract painters know very well, creating a sensation is not identifying each piece of the environment with name, catalog code and price.

Ideas livings 2-Nate-Berkus

This living composed of an elegant and weighted mix of vintage and modern furniture is located in a house located on the Hollywood hills. It belonged to the great designer and communicator Nate Berkus and it is certainly charming.

Ideas livings 3-Rachel-Bilson

Freshness, modernity and eclecticism are the adjectives that best fit into this living. Discreet but striking color combination, few complications and simplicity in the design. Without extridencias, I think that anyone can be comfortable in the living room of Rachel Bilson , as fresh and youthful as her.

Ideas livings 4-Reese-Witherspoon

Reese witherspoon , that resounding and stunning blond beauty that exploits the classic icon of Hollywood cinema, fits perfectly into this living that reminds us of the most classic Hollywood, the golden era of the 40s and 50s. An architecture of southern Spanish style of the United States decorated with classic, vintage and rustic furniture in a wise combination.

Ideas livings 6-Vincent-Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser It seems that he has not been able to break ties with his fictional character, this actor from the cast of the series Mad Men, has taken a bit of the atmosphere of the sixties to his "humble" apartment of 580 square meters. I love it because it is the perfect embodiment of a masculine living with all the words.

Ideas livings 5-Tom-Brady-Gisele-Bundchen

This broad and unrepeatable living is difficult to reproduce if you do not have good financial support. In any case I prefer its inhabitants and owners, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen , that lovely couple. I can not help but imagine Gisele in this living room as a modern remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Photos: casasugar.com

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