5 inspiring ideas to decorate your home with bows

Decorating the house with bows is a fun idea and adds a point of innocence to the decorative style. These bows or bows, as we want to call them, are easy to locate in different places and with their presence we will gladden different corners. We show you some very simple ways to incorporate this resource to the decoration of your home.

Decorate with ribbons 1

In the first and the second proposal you can observe a very simple way of adding bows to the decoration, weaving them on cushions or as a decorative complement to the curtains. It is very inspired for the baby's room, introducing the element of fantasy and delicacy necessary for this space.

Decorate with bows 2

Another fun idea to decorate the garden is this, to include small colored bows forming a rainbow. On surfaces like the garden gate they add a lot of personality.

Decorate with bows 3

Many more accessories and accessories of the home as a lamp can be seen more cheerful thanks to the incorporation of one of these ties as a whole. Elegance and originality in equal parts, creating a casual and humorous decoration.

Decorate with bows 4

This last proposal, that of using them to decorate family photos, is simple and at the same time very practical. We will have a support for our most loved photos and a place to hang them. Do not stop looking for proposals like these or others to add more joy and style to the decoration of your home.

Decorate with ribbons 5

Photos: homedit.com

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