5 ideas to place television

When it comes to decorating a house, the most complicated part I find is the TV area; at least for me. The area of ​​television will be defined according to our lifestyle and depending on the greater or lesser use that we give to this device.

For those who enjoy their moments of relaxation watching television, the ideal is that it is free, on a piece of furniture enabled for this function or simply occupying space with it.

Furniture for television 1

If the wall allows us, we will place it hanging on it as if it were a painting. If on the contrary we did not allow this function, we can place a panel that supports the weight of the TV. Having it in this position will give us a greater visual amplitude of the space and also, it is very practical at the time of cleaning, since it is a less object that makes it difficult for us to clean the furniture.

Another idea that is very good in a room is to create a custom furniture for her.

Furniture for television 2

Furniture for television 3

We can create a piece of furniture to place the television, if apart from enjoying it, we also like that it looks beautiful in this area and that the furniture also has its protagonism.

There are also options for large and open spaces, where we need television to be seen from different points of the room, such as from the living area and the kitchen or dining area.

Furniture for television 4

Furniture for television 5

There are already enabled modules that fulfill this task and their particularity is that they rotate 360º.

If on the contrary, watching TV is not one of your entertainment, and also, it is an element that you do not like to see in the living room or living area, we can hide it.

Furniture for television 6

In the market we can find modular furniture that offers this alternative. An ideal solution for those who prefer that the furniture looks in place of the appliance.

And finally, for those who love TV, and for those who like to have TV in different rooms of the house, today we can find solutions like this one. A bed with integrated television or even specific furniture that already comes with it.

Furniture for television 7

Furniture for television 8

They are very feasible solutions, not only when we like the remote

Furniture for television 2

in different areas, but also when our space is reduced.
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