5 ideas for recipients

Today we show you 5 ideas for the receivers of our home, a little different styles but all always having a style with touches of vintage and in our opinion very beautiful to the eye, both ours and our guests who will be amazed as soon as we open the door.

5 ideas for recipients

Here we have a Very "natural" and chic style . Rosa stick for the wall and a very minimalist white piece of furniture, a very original but very original (and economic!) Hanger. Definitely ideal.

5 ideas for receivers 1

This style may have a mixture between rustic, vintage, and nordic , a nice gray background and leaving the wood like the other protagonist. The white always matching.

5 ideas for receivers 2

Simple and in a curious location: under the stairs.

5 ideas for receivers 3

A little more modern and in white tones. Very welcoming without a doubt ...

5 ideas for receivers 4

How nice vintage hall , with classic furniture taken from the 50s and using old oil paintings getting a nostalgic and modern effect next to the canvas made with pieces of fabric. A 10!
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