5 ideas for a different style kitchen

With a different style than usual in contemporary homes, these five kitchen proposals offer different ways to decorate the same space. Because it is so important to have a comfortable space to cook to taste as this space has its own personality and charm. That will make us enjoy this part of the house more.

Style kitchens 1

We started with a kitchen Victorian tints . Over a fairly large space, this kitchen is erected where we see how the furniture of vintage wood merges with more modern nuances in steel . The central islands have that touch of the great kitchens of English houses and also serve as auxiliary tables to perfection. Highlight the details of retro accessories .

We continue with a kitchen in White wood with solutions to store pots as interesting as this one. In the absence of space, imagination is good to always find a place to put everything you need in the kitchen. The beauty of this kitchen is that it is small, but its square arrangement allows good organization. Highlights again the white wood and the main island with space to eat.

Style kitchens 2

With Neo-romantic airs , this third proposal is full of precious details, from the originality of its chairs to the spaciousness of its cupboards. Good lighting and rustic wooden floor to top off an incredible and comfortable space.

Style kitchens 3

This next option with rectangular format results modern and minimalist . The best option when we need a lot of space but everything is saved, not so in sight. That is why the spaciousness of its closets and ceilings becomes a sure ally. The white color and the wood are complemented by a lot of hooks.

Style kitchens 4

We finish with this elegant kitchen , with a broad and very organized design. The option of expanding the space to create a rest area in the dining room, with that sofa next to the window, is the most attractive. A kitchen that few can resist.

Style kitchens 5

Photos: invitinghome.com

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