5 economical materials for kitchen fronts

Why settle for the usual materials to line the front of your kitchen when there are many more possibilities? These 5 economical materials for the kitchen fronts will surprise you for their originality, especially when applied to this task because they are really ordinary materials that we all have within our reach.


If you like daring ideas and you go recycling and give new use to things you can not miss these curious ideas. They are DIY ideas that you can do yourself in a short time and with a minimum investment.


The cork always brings warmth and insulation, both acoustic and thermal, is an ecological material and a great idea to give a new life to those plugs that uncork in the kitchen. What better then that this is his destiny? We will need thin plywood board to stick the corks cut in half in it. Then we will fix the boards on the front of the kitchen.


A very playful idea, use tokens domino to protect and decorate the front of our kitchen. We can use both sides of the cards, the printed ones and the smooth ones to form decorative designs.


The metal plugs of bottles, plates or covers, can also be a good material to create a colorful, modern kitchen front with a lovely kitsch touch. We will need a good number of them and a base of grout to fix them.


To form a mosaic with tile tesserae is a very artistic way of decorating the front of our kitchen. We will need a good starting design, the right variety of tiles and a cloth bag to break them safely. You just have to put them inside and hit with a hammer, mark the space where you are going to install it and use tile adhesive.


The coasters They are another of the economic materials that you can use to decorate the front of your kitchen in an original and inexpensive way. If you use cardboard coasters you will need to protect them later with a glass or a protective varnish.

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