5 comfortable outdoor spaces to recreate

Have a outer space in the home it is practically a luxury, that's why you have to learn to make the most of them. We give you some ideas to recreate these spaces and you can enjoy the good weather with all the guarantees of comfort and good style.

Outdoor spaces 1

Most of the time you do not need a large infrastructure deployment, but have comfortable furniture at hand. In the first proposal (top image) a space has been created next to the water of the pool with a couple of seats, a puff in wicker and star decoration, the warmth of the fire, which not only illuminates, but also increases the temperature on cooler nights.

Continuing, we have this proposal with a unique, very retro style. We look for those armchairs or armchairs that have gone out of fashion, apparently, and give a new look with adequate backs, cushions as accessories, lamps with lighting, a carpet at the feet ... The details of this sample, in geometric style, manage to conquer for their originality:

Outdoor spaces 2

More classic, but always infallible, to recreate more relaxed moments, are the seats in materials such as rattan, as comfortable as they look. They are filled with cushions and cushions, a small coffee table is placed, an illumination for the night and to enjoy the outdoors without limits, in gardens and terraces.

Outdoor spaces 3

Outdoor spaces 4

With a retro and avant-garde style, this last idea proposes a small environment next to the pool in a gallery or terrace of semi interior, but that receives all the natural light. An extra long sofa, cushions, designer coffee table, a special arrangement and an extra seat for a more sybarite decoration:

Outdoor spaces 5

Photos: cooledeko.de; nygeekcast.com

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