5 colors that calm and energize

Painting, as everyone knows, is the easiest, fastest and most economical way to renovate any space in the house. On many occasions giving a new coat of paint becomes inevitable, either for cleanliness and hygiene or simply to get rid of an environment too seen. Next we will see several rooms that have been renovated with 5 colors that calm and energize at the same time.


This bathroom is decorated in gray, beige and white. The color white is a neutral color that produces a relaxing effect in sight, especially when choosing a soft tone, pastel or satin. Too bright targets are not so relaxing.


The pink color is perfect in the rooms and not only in the girls. Although now we all relate the rose with the feminine, this has not always been the case, specifically it was not until the first years of the 20th century that this relationship was established. We can use it therefore in any room of the house, including the masculine ones.


In this kitchen highlights the mint green that has been chosen for furniture and cabinets. It is a fresh and elegant color that we can use in many other rooms of the house.


Yellow is perhaps a difficult color but when it is hit with the right tone it is fantastic and can combine very well with the colors of light wood and white. It is a color that creates an environment charged with energy and that fosters the relationship between people.


The blue, especially the light tones, is very used in rooms for its great calming capacity. A color that remembers the sky, the horizon and the sea can not produce more than good effects in our spirit.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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