44 inspiring ideas to design your room

The room is one of the most important spaces or rooms in the home. The resting place and as such it has to be a relaxing and cozy place. A space in which we feel comfortable and always want to return. If the time has come to renew the decoration of your room and you want to have the perfect bedroom, today we present this collection of 44 inspiring and incredible ideas where you will find some functional and special design solutions for smaller spaces.

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There are a number of basics to consider in the design of any bedroom and some that you can maximize if it is a small room. among those basic we find:

Natural light : you have to maximize it as much as possible. The warmth and benefit of it does not compare to electric light.
Storage : taking advantage of the available spaces and having storage spaces is as important as it is necessary. Without adequate storage spaces everything will be chaotic.
Color palette : it is important to choose the right color without it being uncomfortable or overwhelming. Dark tones make spaces appear more closed and less spacious. Painting light colors and painting the ceiling in the same color as the walls will help eliminate the shadow lines that define the space.
Give a sense of spaciousness : we can take advantage of accessories and decorative elements that, combined with the previous points, will give us a sensation of greater amplitude, something very necessary in small spaces.

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Other tips of decorative style are:

Add light fixtures to the walls : this way they do not occupy space in bedside table, they help to create a unique look and create a focal point while providing lighting for the bed. You just have to remember to measure carefully and hang them low enough so that we do not have to get out of bed to turn them off.
Do not block natural light with furniture : if we have a small room and few windows and the only way to locate the bed is against the window, a good way to not block the light is to have a "transparent" headboard (such as a spout).
Add shelves : they will be great allies to keep objects and we can even place them next to the bed and use them as bedside tables.
Add mirrors as decoration basics : and combine them with the bedding, the curtains and the style of floors to give style, depth and sophistication to the room. It is also a good idea to add mirrors to cabinet doors.
Have a wall with wallpaper : this may be the one behind the headboard, it will give style and a focal point to the room.

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